Beringin Tiga/Curug Embun

Beringin Tiga / Curug Embun

These breathtaking waterfalls are located near a small village in the Rejang Lebong Regency in Bengkulu province. This location includes a naturally fed hot water pool that you can relax in.

Day 1 – Relax in Nature’s Hot Tub

Make your way up the majestic hills, passing rich vegetable plantations to the trailhead. Beginning as a small dirt road, the trail eventually becomes a small path winding through coffee and palm sugar plantations. After an easy walk, arrive at your campsite for lunch. After lunch, enjoy taking a dip in a warm hot spring-fed swimming hole next to the campsite.
After a bite to eat and some rest, you will continue on to Beringin Tiga waterfall, about 250m from your campsite. The hike has springs coming out of the walls as you descend down a steep embankment and enjoy the beautiful scenery before returning to the campsite to rest or soak again in the natural “hot tub” close by.

Optional Day 2 – Majestic Curug Embun Falls

Once you’ve had a fulfilling breakfast, it’s time to explore the main waterfall, called Curug Air Terjun. While not more than 500m from your campsite, this waterfall lies at the base of a steep ravine, requiring a safety rope to assist in some spots. Your heart will race as you experience the adventure of the Sumatran jungle, including the exhilaration when you view the awe-inspiring waterfall at the base of the ravine. Two separate waterfalls are here, one hot and one cold, falling next to one another and mixing at the bottom to form a delightfully warm pool. Rest here for lunch, taking in the amazing views afforded by the Curug Embun waterfalls. Spend some time bathing in the warm pools and exploring your surroundings, including a cave close to the waterfalls.

After soaking up the warm waters and beauty around you, begin the ascent to our campground and then back up to the trailhead. Rinse off in the local bathing area and then return to Curup to prepare for your next adventure in with us.

Click here for a video Jumping into the Falls!

At a glance

Difficulty: Moderate for most; Challenging for Majestic Curug Embun falls hike

Activities: Hiking, Camping, Swimming

Terrain: Plantation, Jungle, Waterfalls

Duration: 2 days, 1 night

Months of Operation: Year-round

Total Cost: for 1-2 people starting at $100 USD for daytrip — $250 USD for 2D/1N

Payment Conditions: 25% non-refundable deposit to guarantee booking; balance paid upon arrival in Bengkulu; payment can be made via PayPal in USD or via Bank Transfer or Cash in Rupiah with the current exchange rate

Conditions: You’ll be roughing it in tents at the top of the falls, with our supplied sleeping gear. You even get access to a hot water bath near the campsite. Nature’s own hot tub! Overnight trip price includes a local guide, transport from Bengkulu to and from the trail head, permits, and all food and equipment. Price per person reduced with more than two travelers. Daytrip includes transport to/from Curup city.  Transport to/from Bengkulu city can be arranged for a small additional fee.




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Bukit Hitam

Bukit Hitam

So named for it’s black rocks and dense tree cover, Mt. Hitam is shrouded in more than just leaves, being a place of mystical folklore. Also home to a forrest preserve, Mt. Hitam offers easy access to untamed Sumatran jungles.

Day 1

Into Black Mountain 
“Hitam” means black though the surroundings are far from dreary. Make your way early in the morning to the trailhead by passing through a lush tea plantation towards coffee fields. From here, join a local guide who will take you through the maze of paths created by villagers searching for rattan and other jungle treasures. Arrive at the hot springs and take a break for lunch. Sometimes we bring eggs to boil in the small side pools for a little extra protein.
After lunch, continue on the trail to a small waterfall and swimming hole. Drop your packs and set up camp, after a quick dip. Spend the night next to the upper falls, taking in the countless stars and falling to sleep to the sounds of the jungle including water cascading down the nearby falls.

Day 2

Spectacular Waterfalls — Wake up in the morning to the sound of multiple waterfalls close by. After a quick dip in the upper falls, break camp and take the 20-minute descent to the lower falls towering hundreds of feet high. Return to the main trail after your fill of swimming and pictures and begin the return hike. End the day by taking a detour through a secluded field at the tea plantation and cresting a local hill that offers an incredible view of the surrounding plantation as well as the small town far below


Difficulty: Moderate

Activities: Hiking

Terrain: Plantations, Jungles

Duration: 2 Days (Optional 3rd day)

Months of Operation: Year Round Travel

Location: Mt. Hitam Forrest Preserve

Nearest Town: Kepahiang

Closest Airport: Bengkulu (BKS)

Total Cost: starting at $250 USD for 2D/1N — $350 USD for 3D/2N — $450 USD for 4D/3N for 1-2 people

Payment Conditions: 25% non-refundable deposit to guarantee booking; balance paid upon arrival in Bengkulu; payment can be made via PayPal in USD or via Bank Transfer or Cash in Rupiah with the current exchange rate

Optional 3rd/4th Day for the COMPLETE Adventure!

If you have the time, we strongly suggesting taking an extra day to make the hike from Mt. Hitam over to Mt. Kaba. The trail leads back through rarely traveled jungle where you will have the chance to see more wildlife and enjoy the calming solitude that lives in the upper valley between these two mountains. Read the more complete itenerary for this trek here: Twin Peaks: Hitam to Kaba

Trail Conditions:

The trail generally follows well-defined paths made by local farmers and is usually pretty dry. However, be prepared for land leeches, which can be abundant here in wetter months. Leech socks can help, but you might still be tagged a few times. You can buy a pair of leech socks from us for pretty cheap, and it’s worth the cost!

Price includes a local guide (limited English skills), permits, lunch, and transport from Bengkulu to and from the trail head. Price per person reduced with more than two travelers, but usually limited to a max of ten people to lessen the impact on the environment.

Air Putih

Air Putih

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