One of the most exciting and adventurous treks we offer, this hike combines two majestic mountains and some of the most unique landscapes in this region. Experience beautiful waterfalls, remote jungle, two different volcanic formations to give you and your friends an adventure to remember.

Day 1

Begin your journey making your way through coffee and tea fields to arrive at the trail head for Mt Hitam. This first volcano has boiling cauldrons you can hike around and then a breathtaking waterfall close by that has a little pool at the bottom in which you can take a relaxing dip. Then make your way to the campsite near another waterfall with a place to swim and take a bath to clean up before climbing into the tent.

Day 2

Wake up to the sounds of the waterfall and wildlife and then eat some breakfast before packing up. This day takes you over the peak of Mt Hitam, through a valley near a vast lake, filled with different micro-climates from deep jungle to thick bushes. There is the option to camp in the valley between the two volcanos or push through to Mt Kaba.

Day 3

Spend this day exploring Mt Kaba and its two incredible and unique cauldrons- one active and one inactive. Encounter the inactive portion first and try and believe your eyes as you see a color you didn’t think existed in nature as the pool above the volcano is bright green. Then make your way to the active volcano where your senses are on overload with smells of sulfur and sights and sounds of activity hissing from beneath the earth’s surface. It is a one-of-a-kind experience!

Optional – Day 4


If you camped in the upper hidden valley, this would be your last day after camping on Mt Kaba and then make the trek down towards Curup and then on to Bengkulu, stopping by the hot springs near Kaba base camp to relax your weary feet, getting them ready for your next adventure with us.

Trail Conditions: Most of the trail generally follows well-defined paths made by local farmers and is usually pretty dry. However, be prepared for land leeches, which can be abundant here in wetter months. Leech socks can help, but you might still be tagged a few times. You can buy a pair of leech socks from us for pretty cheap, and it’s worth the cost! In between the two mountains is more remote and a less-trodden path with a lot of brush, so long pants and shirt are recommended.

Price includes a local guide (limited English skills), permits, lunch, and transport from Bengkulu to and from the trail head. Price per person reduced with more than two travelers, but usually limited to a max of ten people to lessen the impact on the environment.


Difficulty: Challenging for 3 day; Moderate for 4 day

Activities: Hiking

Terrain: Plantations, Jungles

Duration: 3 Days (Optional 4th day)

Months of Operation: Year Round Travel

Location: Mt. Hitam Forrest Preserve/ Mt. Kaba

Nearest Town: Kepahiang/ Curup

Closest Airport: Bengkulu (BKS)