Goa Seluma offers an experience unique to any other trip we offer. Set in the lowlands of Seluma Regency, you will experience a mix of the bright light of day as you traverse coffee plantations and jungle, as well as the depths of the earth as your journey through the caves.

Day 1

After arriving by car to the Puguk village, take a 4×4 truck to Lubuk Resam village. Take in the beautiful scenery with the rolling hills and view of the ocean. Check in with the village chief at Lubuk Resam and begin the 4 hour hike to Goa Besar (the large cave). Pass mainly through coffee plantations with occasional jungle. Keep an eye out for animals along the way, like flying lizards, birds, monkeys, chameleons, and the occasional snake. End by hiking through the side of the cave and setting up camp in the large mouth of the cave. After a short swim in the river, relax with a cup of coffee and watch the monkeys play in the trees.

Day 2

After a morning cup of Joe and breakfast, have our guides lead you through the Goa Besar cave exploring every nook and cranny. See bats and cave swallows as you take in the unique rock formations. Afterwards, take a quick dip in the river to wash off and freshen up. Pack up and begin the hike back towards the Goa Kecil (“small cave”). After about 3 hours of hiking, take a break at the hot springs and soak your feet in the hot water. Take your time, as the Goa Kecil campsite is only an easy 30-minute hike from here. Set up camp and lounge in the river next to the campsite. After dinner, relax to the sounds of nature and get a good night sleep.

Day 3

The birds are still amazing with sounds everywhere. Get ready for breakfast around 8am and then pack up your belongings in order to leave by 10am. Return to the peak to take in the last views (and a quick selfie) before hiking back down to the tour van and returning to Curup for a hot shower and a soft bed.


Take an extra day to explore the caves and the surround areas.  Take another night at the Goa Besar and take a short hike up to more caves about 2 hours hike from the campsite.


Difficulty: Challenging

Activities: Caving, Hiking, Hot Springs

Terrain: Caves, Plantations, Jungles

Duration: 3 Days (Optional 4th day)

Months of Operation: Year Round Travel

Location: Seluma Regency

Nearest Town: Desa Lubuk Resam

Closest Airport: Bengkulu (BKS)

Trail Conditions: The trail follows well-defined paths made by local farmers through coffee plantations and rice fields with occasional jungle. Leeches are not plentiful and are generally not a problem here. If you are really concerned with getting tagged, leech socks can help. We have some available for purchase for pretty cheap. In the caves, it is advisable to wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Wear something you don’t mind getting mucked up as the minerals and dirt in the caves can often stain clothes. The weather is also a bit hotter here so hiking in shorts (or better yet zip-offs) is not a bad idea.

Price includes a local guide (limited English skills), porter, permits, food, gear, flashlights, and transport from Bengkulu to and from the trail head. Price per person reduced with more than two travelers.